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Describes a region of memory. More...

#include "dbghelp.h"

Public Attributes

uint64_t BaseAddress
 The base address of the region of pages.
uint64_t AllocationBase
 The base address of a range of pages in this region. The page is contained within this memory region.
uint32_t AllocationProtect
 The memory protection when the region was initially allocated. This member can be one of the memory protection options (such as PAGE_EXECUTE, PAGE_NOACCESS, etc.), along with PAGE_GUARD or PAGE_NOCACHE, as needed.
uint32_t __alignment1
uint64_t RegionSize
 The size of the region beginning at the base address in which all pages have identical attributes, in bytes.
uint32_t State
 The state of the pages in the region. This can be one of MEM_COMMIT, MEM_FREE, or MEM_RESERVE.
uint32_t Protect
 The access protection of the pages in the region. This member is one of the values listed for the AllocationProtect member.
uint32_t Type
 The type of pages in the region. This can be one of MEM_IMAGE, MEM_MAPPED, or MEM_PRIVATE.
uint32_t __alignment2

Detailed Description

Describes a region of memory.

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