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SYSTEMTIME Struct Reference

Represents a date and time. More...

#include "minwinbase.h"

Public Attributes

uint16_t wYear
 The year, represented fully. More...
uint16_t wMonth
 The month of the year, 1 for January and 12 for December.
uint16_t wDayOfWeek
 The day of the week, 0 for Sunday and 6 for Saturday.
uint16_t wDay
 The day of the month, 1 through 31.
uint16_t wHour
 The hour of the day, 0 through 23.
uint16_t wMinute
 The minute of the hour, 0 through 59.
uint16_t wSecond
 The second of the minute, 0 through 60.
uint16_t wMilliseconds
 The millisecond of the second, 0 through 999.

Detailed Description

Represents a date and time.

Member Data Documentation

◆ wYear

uint16_t SYSTEMTIME::wYear

The year, represented fully.

The year 2014 would be represented in this field as 2014.

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