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crashpad::CPUContextX86_64 Struct Reference

A context structure carrying x86_64 CPU state. More...

#include "snapshot/cpu_context.h"


struct  Fxsave

Public Types

using X87Register = CPUContextX86::X87Register
using X87OrMMXRegister = CPUContextX86::X87OrMMXRegister
using XMMRegister = CPUContextX86::XMMRegister

Public Attributes

uint64_t rax
uint64_t rbx
uint64_t rcx
uint64_t rdx
uint64_t rdi
uint64_t rsi
uint64_t rbp
uint64_t rsp
uint64_t r8
uint64_t r9
uint64_t r10
uint64_t r11
uint64_t r12
uint64_t r13
uint64_t r14
uint64_t r15
uint64_t rip
uint64_t rflags
uint16_t cs
uint16_t fs
uint16_t gs
Fxsave fxsave
uint64_t dr0
uint64_t dr1
uint64_t dr2
uint64_t dr3
uint64_t dr4
uint64_t dr5
uint64_t dr6
uint64_t dr7

Detailed Description

A context structure carrying x86_64 CPU state.

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