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crashpad::CrashReportDatabase::Report Struct Reference

A crash report record. More...

#include "client/crash_report_database.h"

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Public Attributes

UUID uuid
base::FilePath file_path
std::string id
 An identifier issued to this crash report by a collection server.
time_t creation_time
 The time at which the report was generated.
bool uploaded
time_t last_upload_attempt_time
int upload_attempts
bool upload_explicitly_requested

Detailed Description

A crash report record.

This represents the metadata for a crash report, as well as the location of the report itself. A CrashReportDatabase maintains at least this information.

Member Data Documentation

◆ file_path

base::FilePath crashpad::CrashReportDatabase::Report::file_path

The current location of the crash report on the client’s filesystem. The location of a crash report may change over time, so the UUID should be used as the canonical identifier.

◆ last_upload_attempt_time

time_t crashpad::CrashReportDatabase::Report::last_upload_attempt_time

The last timestamp at which an attempt was made to submit this crash report to a collection server. If this is zero, then the report has never been uploaded. If uploaded is true, then this timestamp is the time at which the report was uploaded, and no other attempts to upload this report will be made.

◆ upload_attempts

int crashpad::CrashReportDatabase::Report::upload_attempts

The number of times an attempt was made to submit this report to a collection server. If this is more than zero, then last_upload_attempt_time will be set to the timestamp of the most recent attempt.

◆ upload_explicitly_requested

bool crashpad::CrashReportDatabase::Report::upload_explicitly_requested

Whether this crash report was explicitly requested by user to be uploaded. This can be true only if report is in the 'pending' state.

◆ uploaded

bool crashpad::CrashReportDatabase::Report::uploaded

Whether this crash report was successfully uploaded to a collection server.

◆ uuid

UUID crashpad::CrashReportDatabase::Report::uuid

A unique identifier by which this report will always be known to the database.

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