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crashpad::uint128_struct Struct Reference

Stores a 128-bit quantity. More...

#include "util/numeric/int128.h"

Public Attributes

uint64_t lo
 The low 64 bits of the 128-bit quantity.
uint64_t hi
 The high 64 bits of the 128-bit quantity.

Detailed Description

Stores a 128-bit quantity.

This structure is organized so that 128-bit quantities are laid out in memory according to the system’s natural byte order. If a system offers a native 128-bit type, it should be possible to bit_cast<> between that type and this one.

This structure is designed to have the same layout, although not the same field names, as the Windows SDK’s M128A type from <winnt.h>. It is provided here instead of in compat because it is useful outside of the scope of data structures defined by the Windows SDK.

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