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crashpad::ElfDynamicArrayReader Class Reference

A reader for ELF dynamic arrays mapped into another process. More...

#include "snapshot/elf/elf_dynamic_array_reader.h"

Public Member Functions

bool Initialize (const ProcessMemoryRange &memory, VMAddress address, VMSize size)
 Initializes the reader. More...
template<typename V >
bool GetValue (uint64_t tag, bool log, V *value)
 Retrieve a value from the array. More...

Detailed Description

A reader for ELF dynamic arrays mapped into another process.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetValue()

template<typename V >
bool crashpad::ElfDynamicArrayReader::GetValue ( uint64_t  tag,
bool  log,
V *  value 

Retrieve a value from the array.

[in]tagSpecifies which value should be retrieved. The possible values for this parameter are the DT_* values from <elf.h>.
[in]logSpecifies whether an error should be logged if tag is not found.
[out]valueThe value, casted to an appropriate type, if found.
true if the value is found.

◆ Initialize()

bool crashpad::ElfDynamicArrayReader::Initialize ( const ProcessMemoryRange memory,
VMAddress  address,
VMSize  size 

Initializes the reader.

This method must be called once on an object and must be successfully called before any other method in this class may be called.

[in]memoryA memory reader for the remote process.
[in]addressThe address in the remote process' address space where the ELF dynamic table is loaded.
[in]sizeThe maximum number of bytes to read.

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