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crashpad::InitializationState Class Reference

Tracks whether data are initialized. More...

#include "util/misc/initialization_state.h"

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Public Types

enum  State : uint8_t
 The object’s state. More...

Public Member Functions

bool is_uninitialized () const
 Returns true if the object’s state is kStateUninitialized and it is safe to begin initializing it.
void set_invalid ()
 Sets the object’s state to kStateInvalid, marking initialization as being in process.
void set_valid ()
 Sets the object’s state to kStateValid, marking it initialized.
bool is_valid () const
 Returns true if the the object’s state is kStateValid and it has been fully initialized and may be used.

Protected Member Functions

State state () const
 Returns the object’s state. More...
void set_state (State state)
 Sets the object’s state. More...

Detailed Description

Tracks whether data are initialized.

Objects of this type track whether the data they’re guarding are initialized. The three possible states are uninitialized (the initial state), initializing, and valid. As the guarded data are initialized, an InitializationState object will normally transition through these three states. A fourth state corresponds to the destruction of objects of this type, making it less likely that a use-after-free of an InitializationState object will appear in the valid state.

If the only purpose for tracking the initialization state of guarded data is to DCHECK when the object is in an unexpected state, use InitializationStateDcheck instead.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ State

The object’s state.


The object has not yet been initialized.


The object is being initialized.

This state protects against attempted reinitializaton of partially-initialized objects whose initial initialization attempt failed. This state is to be used while objects are initializing, but are not yet fully initialized.


The object has been initialized.


The object has been destroyed.

Member Function Documentation

◆ set_state()

void crashpad::InitializationState::set_state ( State  state)

Sets the object’s state.

Consumers of this class should use a set_state_*() method instead.

◆ state()

State crashpad::InitializationState::state ( ) const

Returns the object’s state.

Consumers of this class should use an is_state_*() method instead.

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