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crashpad::ProcessReaderLinux Class Reference

Accesses information about another process, identified by a process ID. More...

#include "snapshot/linux/process_reader_linux.h"


struct  Module
 Contains information about a module loaded into a process. More...
struct  Thread
 Contains information about a thread that belongs to a process. More...

Public Member Functions

bool Initialize (PtraceConnection *connection)
 Initializes this object. More...
bool Is64Bit () const
 Return true if the target task is a 64-bit process.
pid_t ProcessID () const
 Return the target process' process ID.
pid_t ParentProcessID () const
 Return the target process' parent process ID.
ProcessMemoryMemory ()
 Return a memory reader for the target process.
MemoryMapGetMemoryMap ()
 Return a memory map of the target process.
bool StartTime (timeval *start_time) const
 Determines the target process’ start time. More...
bool CPUTimes (timeval *user_time, timeval *system_time) const
 Determines the target process’ execution time. More...
const std::vector< Thread > & Threads ()
 Return a vector of threads that are in the task process. If the main thread is able to be identified and traced, it will be placed at index 0.
const std::vector< Module > & Modules ()

Detailed Description

Accesses information about another process, identified by a process ID.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CPUTimes()

bool crashpad::ProcessReaderLinux::CPUTimes ( timeval *  user_time,
timeval *  system_time 
) const

Determines the target process’ execution time.

[out]user_timeThe amount of time the process has executed code in user mode.
[out]system_timeThe amount of time the process has executed code in system mode.
true on success, false on failure, with a warning logged. On failure, user_time and system_time will be set to represent no time spent executing code in user or system mode.

◆ Initialize()

bool crashpad::ProcessReaderLinux::Initialize ( PtraceConnection connection)

Initializes this object.

This method must be successfully called before calling any other method in this class and may only be called once.

[in]connectionA PtraceConnection to the target process.
true on success. false on failure with a message logged.

◆ Modules()

const std::vector< ProcessReaderLinux::Module > & crashpad::ProcessReaderLinux::Modules ( )
The modules loaded in the process. The first element (at index 0) corresponds to the main executable.

◆ StartTime()

bool crashpad::ProcessReaderLinux::StartTime ( timeval *  start_time) const

Determines the target process’ start time.

[out]start_timeThe time that the process started.
true on success with start_time set. Otherwise false with a message logged.

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