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crashpad::ElfSymbolTableReader::SymbolInformation Struct Reference

Information about a symbol in a module's symbol table. More...

#include "snapshot/elf/elf_symbol_table_reader.h"

Public Attributes

VMAddress address
 The address of the symbol as it exists in the symbol table, not adjusted for any load bias.
VMSize size
 The size of the symbol.
uint16_t shndx
 The section index that the symbol definition is in relation to.
uint8_t type
 Specifies the type of symbol. Possible values include STT_OBJECT, STT_FUNC, etc.
uint8_t binding
 Specifies the default scope at which a symbol takes precedence. Possible values include STB_LOCAL, STB_GLOBAL, STB_WEAK, or OS/processor specific values.
uint8_t visibility
 Together with binding, can limit the visibility of a symbol to the module that defines it. Possible values include STV_DEFAULT, STV_INTERNAL, STV_HIDDEN, and STV_PROTECTED.

Detailed Description

Information about a symbol in a module's symbol table.

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